All the other ways that claiming to answer to the question “How did the universe and everything in it come into being?” and which we listed on our "Goal" page, considered one by one in our indirect proof. The absurdity and impossibility in them is clearly demonstrated. They are disproved and refuted beyond doubt. Since there is no other way and it is clearly proved that the first three ways are impossible, absurd and nothing but dead ends, then necessarily  the fourth way, a divine power, a single creator is proven in a definite way.

The purpose of prior usage of the indirect proof method is, not to leave even a little doubt in minds. Because, if only the direct method is used to prove the argument, still some doubts and delusions of the other ways can interfere and confuse people’s minds. However if it is shown and proven first that all of the other roads are just dead ends, all of the other ideas are untrue and plain fallacies, all of the other claims are absurd and impossible, then the denial can find no place to live.

At this point an important question that comes into mind;

It is clearly seen with the proof that all the roads that deniers go have very explicit contradictions and nonsense. But how could men, who are supposed to be smart, accept such obvious superstitions and irrationality? Why do people close their eyes to an obvious truth just to deny a creator? Why do they take the risk of entering into all these challenges, and getting out of the logic frame?

Because there are some liabilities for people of faith. They believe there will be a judgement day when everybody will account for their actions. Because, the “faith in Hereafter” comes right after the “faith in God”. It would be unthinkable that after creating a wonder of art like human and equipping him with millions of  outstanding and priceless devices (eyes, ears, nose, hands, brain, memory, mind, heart, emotions, desires, soul...), God lets him go off, perish and decompose under the ground. Of course, human will rise again as the seeds left in the ground. The existence of hereafter is another issue to be addressed in another website in depth. We refer this subject to that website which is being prepared. So, to get rid of the laws and the rules of religion, to live with no regard for right and wrong, to keep just enjoying, the human ego has found his own salvation in denial of God. In fact, he  entered the mouth of a snake to escape from a bite of a fly. He bartered eternal happiness with temporary tastes. He sold a priceless diamond for a piece of broken glass. Unfortunately these people are unaware that the real bliss in both worlds is in true faith.


For better understanding of the proof, we recommend that you follow the following order:




"Whoever created the mosquito’s eye, created the sun, whoever ordered the flea’s stomach, ordered the solar system."