The question of existence of a Creator has always been the most fundemantal issue since the beginning of the human history. Because every human being who opens his eyes to the world, needs some answers to a couple of vital questions for meaning in life. “Where did I come from?”, “Where am I going?”, “What should I do here?” “What is the purpose of my presence?”

To meet this need, some of the people questioned matter, living things and the universe by their own mind and have reached a number of conclusions. On the other hand the other part of the people, with a more simplistic approach, believed what the previous ones told them and adopted their way of life without questioning. (Just like millions of people do today.)

That is precisely at this point of seperation where a number of individuals appeared, telling that the entire universe was created by a creator and every single thing has a purpose and a real meaning. They claimed that the creator sent them as messengers to teach this knowledge and wisdom to all mankind. (Prophets)

As a result, today's religions have occurred and at the most basic level, people divided into two parts; as believers and non-believers.

What we are going to do here is, to prove the existence of a creator scientifically and mentally, avoiding all the basic beliefs and prejudices in advance.

Unlike those who say that God cannot be proven with mind, we claim and prove that God cannot be denied with mind.



For better understanding of the proof, we recommend that you follow the following order:



"If you do not accept the tiny suns apparent in those innumerable things to be the manifestation of the sun’s reflection, then it becomes necessary to descend to an infinite foolishness like accepting the actual existence of a true, natural sun in every droplet and fragment of glass facing the light, and in every transparent speck before it."